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After successfully completing my 100th Keto day, and expanding my goals to include a Keto Wedding Countdown– I decided it was time for a new look.  I’ve redesigned the look and feel of my tumblr blog.  

New Items: 

  • About Me Page: I’ll be working to make this section a little longer in the future and posting more pictures and details of my life.
  • Commenting: Users can not comment using Disqus Commenting.  One of the things I’ve missed the most about blogging is getting comments from other bloggers– so please comment away!! 
  • Text posts: I’ll be adding more text posts as I have time.  Originally this blog’s main purpose was to document my keto journey through pictures (via Instagram).  I will be continueing to post these pictures (follow the hashtag #KetoWeddingCountdown ).  But I have decided to post some actual text posts, quotes and recipes along the way.

*Quick Welcome and thank you to all the new followers from /r/keto and /r/xxketo*

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