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Wedding Dress Woes

I’m getting married 06.20.2015.  It shouldn’t really come as a surprise due to my ever-growing hashtag list (#KetoWeddingCountdown, #??ToGo, etc). 


B and I got engaged June 2, 2013 and have truly enjoyed the process of wedding planning so far.  Along the way a lot of people have asked me what my plans are for wedding dress shopping.

Initially, I didn’t go shopping because– well we didn’t have a date and/or there were so many other important details we had to work out before I could even consider going shopping for a dress.

When I started Keto in March, I made an arbitrary goal of 50 pounds by end of July (which I’ve said really is “before vacation” in mid August).  Regardless, I’ve actually managed to stay on track and am “on schedule” to meet that goal.

I kept calm and Keto’ed on, all while everyone around me kept asking when I’d be trying on dresses.  My first reply was, “I still want to lose more weight” to which I got a heavy eye roll.  “okay, thats your opinion”


 To which I made the reply, “Oh I’ll just wait till after vacation, you know – when I’m really tan”.  Hey. It wasn’t a lie.  I wanted to be tan and as thin as possible before I tried any dresses on.

The next topic the discussion would naturally come to is, “Don’t you need to have already ordered your dress?”.  No.  From everything I’ve read, and other bride’s personal experience, you really don’t need to order your dress until 6 months before the wedding… So December/January would be fine for me.  

As I write this post, I keep thinking to the question no one has really asked before, but I’m sure they’re all thinking it… “Isn’t getting married more about the wedding than the weight?”

Well yes.  But for me– its also about the weight.  Trying on dresses isn’t all fun and games when you’re a 12/14/16.  Nothing fits.  If you’re lucky you might make the dress past your butt, but it probably wouldn’t zip. 

I guess I have more of a psychological fear about trying on dresses.  Not that I’m crazy and think all that matters is if that sample size zips.. but that kind of stuff really does screw with your head– especially when you’re already in the process of losing weight.  While the idea of having a dress being pinned or held up by others to see what it looks like might not be a big deal to everyone but thats honestly my fear.  I want to be able to try on a dress and have it actually fit, instead of having the sales associate have to work some voodoo magic to get that thing to look … okay-ish.

I’ve got a good thing going here with Keto and I’m Damn proud of the progress I’ve made.  I don’t need one dress to mess with my head. 

So for now, I’ll be holding off.  I said August before.. but I’m even thinking of pushing that a little further off. 

How early did you start looking for wedding dresses?

How long was your engagement before your wedding?

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