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Monthly Update

Happy Leap Day!! It’s about that time of the month, where I review my progress vs. my goals.

Total weight loss to date: 23.5 pounds

23 weight

This stat is fascinating only because I’m sure my senior year of college I ate double this! YUCK!

The Goals:

  • Keep Keto:  The first an most obvious goal was to stay the path.  This is going to be the first goal for the remaining 305 days.
    • I’m proud to say that I met this goal this month!  61 days in a row! It feels like such an accomplishment!!
  • Intermittent fast all month:  This is a goal that I made on a whim.  Back in August of 2014, I intermittent fasted while on vacation and it worked wonders for me!  I decided to challenge myself with something new each month and try that again.  My intermittent fasting plan was to fast for 20 hours, and eat for 4.  Typically it was less than that, probably about 23: 1.
    •  I’m also proud to say that I fasted for the entire month of February– 29 days.  It was so hard at first, but its been easier and easier as the days have progressed.
  • Lose 9.7 pounds:  This is the projected weight that I wanted to lose for the month of February— in order to meet my first goal weight by the end of August 2016.
    • Lost 14.3 pounds: I’m really proud of that number, but I’m not going to lie, I wanted it to be higher.  I was really trying for 15/16 pounds this month.  Once I passed my goal, I knew I could do a bigger number.  When I got to 14, I figured I could crush a higher goal with week or so left.  I ended up losing more weight, but going out to dinner a little too much through the weekend and gained a pound or so.  I know its just water so I’m not worried, but a little frustrated about choosing to eat out.



Goals for March: Some of the are going to obviously be the same

  • Keep Keto – Again this will be a goal through out my weight loss journey
  • Intermittent Fast the month of March
  • Lose 10.4 Pounds
  • Drink 160 oz of water a day and Track it!


Thanks for reading!!


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