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HKD Top 5 Amazon Prime Day Items!

So I haven’t been posting much around here.  I’ve just been loving all the vibes I’ve been getting over on my Instagram account.  But with Amazon Prime Day here, I thought I would take a second and write about 100 Keto Days Top 5 favorite items that you can snatch up for SUPER cheap today!  All of the images below have a direct link right to purchase the deal for yourself!  These deals are only for a limited time, so snatch them up while they’re still around!!

  1. Ninja Professional Blender and Ninja Cups

I personally couldn’t live without my Ninja while eating a ketogenic diet.  I use it almost

daily, so it was important to me to get a great blender that was known for its quality, high power, and durability.  I use my Ninja for everything from making protein shakes, bullet proof coffee, to grinding pork rinds for “breading” or even making homemade mayo.  This isn’t the exact Ninja that I have, but this is a great purchase for anyone looking at getting a Ninja.

This retails on Amazon typically for $120, but is on sale today for $69.99.

2. Instant pot

I don’t personally have one of these, but I’ve heard so many great things, so I thought I’d mention it while it was on super sale today.  I know a lot of us keto’ers use these to make bomb bone broth, perfectly cooked meats and soups, and so much more!

These are originally $129, but are on sale for Prime days for $89.99.

3.  iRobot Roomba

This really has nothing to do with Keto, but hey, this is my blog so whatever.  I’ve been wanting a Roomba for the longest time.  They’re so convenient and take care of some of the daily housework for you, while you’re out.  When you get home from work its one less thing you need to worry about!  They’re awesome because they don’t scratch or harm furniture, recharge themselves and are fairly quiet.

This model is usually $375 but is on sale today for $249, which is still expensive, but if you’re looking to get a deal, this might be the time!

4. Amazon Echo Dot

While we’re talking about techy things, I think its worth talking about the Amazon Echo Dot.  While I’m not a real supporter of Amazon Echo or Alexa, I know a lot of people really love the abilities.  The dot can be a speaker, personal assistant, and even control the lighting in your house!

If you’re interested in the Dot, its on sale today!  Originally $50, this is on sale today for $34.00

5. Grill Mat

These are a must have in the HKD household.  We absolutely love these grill mats.  They’re perfect for vegetables and delicate fish.   These are actually perfect for anything with a sauce on it, as the sauce stays on the meat and the mat— not burned off or slipped through the cracks!

Anyway these are normally $45, but are listed today for $20.79!

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