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Lularoe 100KetoDays Instagram Party

Hi Guys! I know I’ve been hinting at it for quite some time, but its finally time for the Lularoe Party!

If you’re not familiar with Lularoe, let me start off by saying, You’re welcome.  You’re going to be thanking me later.  Lularoe is a brand specifically known for their ridiculously comfortable leggings that you can mix and match with literally anything.  They’ve got fun, funky prints, as well as a line of solid colors.  They also have a number of beautiful and comfortable shirts, baseball t’s, dresses, and skirts.

My favorite is the Randy (the baseball like t-shirt you see me commonly wear), the Cassie (the green pencil skirt) or any of their leggings!  I’ve been dying to try out Julia dress or some of their shirts!

Attention all you Disney lovers!! Some of their newest editions include Disney prints!!


How can I participate in the party?  Just click here or the image below!


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