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The HKD Love List

Hi All! I’m starting a new series of posts here called “The HKD Love List”.  I asked you all via Instagram stories last week if you would be interested in hearing a review of the items that I cannot live without! So, I starting the series and will be adding a new item each week!  I want to note that I am not being paid to review these products or promote them.  I just really love these products and get asked a lot about them.

Onto the Love list!

The first item on the Love list, is Love Handle.

Love handle is a strap that attaches to the back of your phone.  (Think like a pop socket but about 10 times as awesome).  You can see in the image below how it typically used.  They recommend that you place it towards the bottom center of your phone, because your fingers will slide to the top of the loop.

Love Handle PRO’s:

Currently on Amazon there are 28 different color/pattern combinations available for all really great prices.  They have everything from plain black, to vibrant colors and patterns to help accentuate your phone! The love handle attaches to the back of your phone (or phone case) with a simple piece of 3M tape.  They actually provide 2 pieces in case you change cases or need to switch things up.  The application process is very simple: wipe placement location with an alcohol swab provided, peel off the back layer of the 3M tape, and place on the phone.  Press firmly for a few minutes and let the phone rest for 10 minutes. That’s it!

The love handle is different than the pop socket, in that it is a loop of elastic vs a button you hold on to.  The loop of elastic makes it super easy to grip (both traditionally as shown in the picture above, and non-traditionally on the back of the hand—while holding other things).  See the thing about being a women in the working world is that nice dress clothes often don’t have real pockets, or pockets big enough to hold a phone.  When I’m rushing off to a meeting and want to ensure I remember my phone, I often find myself carrying a computer, notebook, mouse, coffee, and pens… AND my phone.  Typically I end up putting my fingers through the loop on the back of my hand, and carrying a drink at the same time.  I use the same technique when grocery shopping or any situation when I need my phone but also need to use my hands.

The one thing I hated about the Pop socket was that it was super uncomfortable on my hands.  I felt like my fingers were always getting a workout having to squeeze together to hold onto the phone.  Also, the pop socket grip had multiple levels on it which ended up hurting my hands after a few days of use.   With the love handle, you’ll never get that feeling since its soft elastic.  It does not strain your fingers because you really only need one finger to use it.

Love Handle CON’S:

One of the main issues with the Love handle (and pop socket for that matter) is that it hinders the ability to wireless charge.  If you love your ability to wireless charge your device then these are not great options for you.  I was able to work with my charging dock and on a good day I was able to get it to charge, but I’m going to still bring it up here, because it doesn’t work 100% of the time.  The next con, that a coworker brought up, was that my phone no longer lays flat on the table.  Again with any handle like this, your phone won’t lay flat.  To me, this isn’t really a big deal.  One of the biggest con’s for me was that my Rose Gold love handle got pretty dirty within a few weeks of using it.  I had Zero issues with the black and/or patterned ones.  I think if you’re worried about the strap getting discolored you should order a darker colored handle.

So In summary:

Love Handle PRO’s:

  • 28 different versions
  • Strong 3M Tape (with replacement tape)
  • Comfortable on the hand
  • Can Carry phone and retain full functionality of hands
  • Less taxing on hands since you only need one finger to hold

Love Handle CON’s:

  • Will hinder the ability to Wireless charging
  • Phone won’t lay flat on the table
  • Light colors can get dirty with new jeans

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