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HI Guys!! Many of you saw I’m starting my own version of Keto Whole 30.  The idea of keto whole 30 has been floating around Instagram for quite a while.   Keto whole 30 is all about cleaning up your diet, getting rid of the keto junk and resetting your brain to function better!

Why are you doing this?

I decided to do keto whole 30 to clean up my diet.  I’m a highly goal and date driven— so setting a goal of losing 20 pounds by June 20th, 2018 was a HUGE motivator for me to get my butt in gear and get back to losing!  I’ve been doing keto for over a year, but haven’t really lost much weigh in the last 6 months—- So something’s gotta give! I need to change something! I thought Keto Whole 30 might be a good way to reset myself and REALLY focus on my goals.

How It Works

Well, you can really make it work however you want, with your own rules.  The Whole 30 program exists— there are tons of books, recipes, tips and tricks out there to follow.  Keto Whole 30 however, doesn’t really exist.  There aren’t any hard set rules you must follow.  Plus if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know how I feel about Keto rules—You do you, I’ll do me! 

There are a ton of whole 30 “Rules” regarding what you can and can’t do.  If you want to follow that, great! I’ve decided to simplify my keto whole 30 experience with 4 key rules.  If it is allowed on keto and fits within these 4 rules, chance are I’ll be eating it!

With that being said, I do want to share how I plan to use concepts presented during whole 30 to enhance my keto experience.  So, here are my keto whole 30 rules.

My Rules:

  1. No sugar substitutes:  This is consistent with the Whole 30 mindset.  For me, this means no more of my beloved Diet Pepsi and no more Torani Sugar Free coffee syrup.
  2. No Frankenfoods/Keto Junk:  Frankenfoods are low carb substitues for high carb foods.  Think brownies, cookies, breads, etc!  All what I dub, “Keto Junk”.  Since I’m not doing sugar substitutes, it won’t really be an issue for me to avoid Frankenfoods, as they’re typically filled with sugar substitutes.
  3. No Dairy: Say whattttt?! Believe it kids.  No Dairy.  No heavy cream for frothy coffee, and no cheese sauce on sprouts!  Luckily for me, the heavy cream in my coffee and cheese sauce was really the only dairy I consumed regularly.  And on top of that when I track macros I typically don’t eat much cheese.  I’ll be substituting heavy cream in my coffee with Coconut Milk.  I plan on using Ghee, coconut oil, or bacon grease when cooking instead of butter (but I typically do that already).
  4. Tracking Macros:  I’ll be tracking my macros via the Keto gains calculator.  I’ve input my own personal information, and the calculator told me exactly what macros I need to follow!  You can click that link and input your own stats to get your personal keto gains macros.  I will be following that the whole month of March.  I’ll be sticking to normal keto foods that also meet whole 30.  I will not be eating fruits or vegetables that are not keto friendly just because they’re whole 30 compliant.  I will be strictly sticking to keto foods.  Think meats, oils, nuts, and low carb green vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, sprouts, cauliflower, etc).  In addition, I will NOT be concerned with minute amounts of sugar in items like bacon, mayo, or sauces.  I don’t currently concern myself with the little amount of sugar.  I just log the carbs and ensure I’m accounting for them in my carb limit.

Thoughts from Day 1:

So, I tried to keep the “rules” pretty simple.  Again, if you want to tilt more towards whole 30 or keto, go ahead– this is just my plan.  That being said, I think I learned a lot form day 1.

I’ve always said that “I don’t really have a problem with artificial sweeteners”.  But I think my body says otherwise.  The day was pretty easy avoiding sugar substitutes, but at the end of the day, I have a headache– I think from the lack of sweeteners.  I really think the first few days will be the hardest days for me as those sugar substitute cravings will be REAL.  I plan on upping my water intake and replacing my diet pepsi cravings with unsweetened sparkling water and soda stream.  I was a little surprised to see what items in my fridge contain either dairy or sugar substitute.  I think this first week will be a week of learning for me.  Reading tons of labels and focusing on clean eating!

I think the hardest part for me is macro tracking.  I’ve been macro tracking now for about 4 days, and this is about the point where it starts to get to me.  I feel like maybe I’m just one of those people who feels “hungry” when they’re stomach isn’t stuffed.  I’m hoping that these few weeks will help to reset my hunger cues and also maybe shrink my stomach a little so I don’t feel so hungry all the time!


Your recommendations:

Coffee Creamers:


Coconut Milk

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    March 1, 2018 at 12:20 am

    HI Alexis I love your posts and I am also thinking of doing this Keto 30 but your style 🙂 thank you for sharing your posts you are amazing girl xx

  • Reply
    March 1, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    I am a huge whole30 beliver but I started keto in January for weight loss and fertilization. I can say whole heartedly it has been hard on my “guilt meter” to add back dairy and fake sugars… so I’ve been thinking of doing this exact thing! I think taking out both of those will be better for my cravings and gut bloat. I can defiantly tell I crave more sweets and chocolate since being on keto and adding those two things back into my diet. Keep it up! I think a lot of whole30 recipes are easily adaptable for keto life as well!

  • Reply
    March 10, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    I’m a fan/follower of yours and I’m all for people doing keto their way, but the Whole30 element you’ve tacked on to this is factually misleading to your followers.

    Yes, you can do a Keto Whole30 (even though the Whole30 founders don’t recommend tracking calories/macros), but Whole30 isn’t supposed to explicitly be a diet – it’s a full nutritional reset program designed to achieve healthy relationships with food, physical/mental wellbeing, with weight loss being a likely added benefit.

    There are a lot of Whole30 “rules” as to what you can/can’t eat (and they’re rigid and at times frustrating), but they’re specifically designed to remove all inflammatory, disruptive food sources for the 30 days to get the full benefit of the program. That’s why the founders are strict in their recommendations that if you slip up (like have an alcoholic beverage or eat something with added sugar), that you need restart the program. You don’t get to pick and choose what you do or do not adhere to, if you’re doing an actual Whole30.

    There’s a lot of misinformation about keto and Whole30 floating around, and I find it frustrating you’re perpetuating that by combining the two and sharing incorrect information with followers that might not know better, and passing it off as “I do me.”

    Following keto is already somewhat in line with Whole30 principles, and I think removing dairy, artificial sweeteners, and pseudo baked goods as part of a keto diet is great. But based on what you share on Instagram, the fact of the matter is that you’re following a keto diet and avoiding dairy/processed foods. Either do keto, or even keto with unprocessed foods, or an ACTUAL keto Whole30, but I’d encourage you to do your background research on Whole30 and the WHYs behind the complete program, rather than carelessly interpreting it in a way that doesn’t exist and spreading incorrect information to your readers. I’m not here to be “keto police,” but having alcohol and chocolate bars (while these things can very much be keto and that’s awesome) are nonexistent on the Whole30. It’s more or less the equivalent of someone saying they’re keto but eats donuts.

    If you’d like some more information on why the Whole30 rules are set up the way they are, this is a good place to start! https://whole30.com/2015/01/rules-recommendations/

    • Reply
      March 10, 2018 at 1:40 pm

      Hi there Rachel. While I appreciate your opinion, I Encourage all my followers to do their own research. I just share what I am doing because I know I will get a lot of questions. If you don’t support that or think I’m doing something wrong that’s fine. Because ultimately You’re entitled to your own opinion. But it’s just that… An opinion

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