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Enlightened send me samples of their new Ice Cream flavors in March.  Now that Keto Whole 30 is over for me, I’ll be reviewing each of these flavors in a series of posts.


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Enlightened Ice Cream: Movie Night

Enlightened's set of newest ice cream flavors features Movie Night.  This new flavor promises a delicious combination of popcorn ice cream, chocolate bits, and caramel swirl--- a combination that forms the perfect Friday night snack needs!

So lets dig into this pint and start the review!


Enlightened Ice Cream has a pretty good price.  As always, price is highly dependent on your location, and the store sales in your area.  In Pittsburgh, I was able to find Enlightened Ice Cream for a comparable price to halo top


The macros for this ice cream were average.  The ice cream has 18 total carbs, 5 being fiber, 6 being Erythritol, and 6g Sugar.  If you're counting, that makes 7 grams of net carbs.  In my opinion, for an ice cream that's not a horrible carb count.

The Ice cream is labeled as a high protein ice cream.  It has 7 grams of protein per 1/2 cup.  In my opinion, that's not really a high protein product.  If you're going to eat the whole container, it could be considered high protein.

If you're looking for a fattier ice cream to supplement your ketogenic diet, you'd likely have better luck making homemade ice cream.  Enlightened is a low fat ice cream (no, it doesn't claim to be a ketogenic ice cream, but it's carb count make this ice cream keto friendly).

Finally, with 90 calories per serving, this ice cream is perfect for those who are tracking macros and need a sweet treat macro cap!


This was the first Enlightened ice cream I've experienced and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The ice cream has a light buttery taste (to simulate the buttered popcorn).  In my opinion, it has a strong caramel taste, and light chocolate flavoring.  The caramel and the buttered popcorn flavor pair really nicely to create a decadent dessert.  Movie night tastes like the real deal for ice cream.  In my opinion, it did not have an artificial sweetener taste like many of the "healthy" ice cream alternatives.


Enlightened Movie Night is an extremely creamy and rich ice cream.  My pint had a ton of small chocolate flakes throughout the entire container, and my favorite part, huge swirls of caramel!  The base and caramel gave the ice cream a smooth rich texture, while the chocolate chips gave it the perfect amount of crunch!

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