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Hi everyone! I’m Alexis!  I’m the author and creator of 100 Keto Days.  What you’ll find on this site is my documentation of my life and the journey I am taking eating a ketogenic diet.

How did 100 Keto days start?

In March of 2014, I was a 24 year old struggling to find an eating pattern that worked for me.  I decided for lent that year, to “give up carbs”.  Really this meant to eat a ketogenic diet but as most “Keto-ers” know, its easier to say, “I don’t eat carbs” than say “I eat a diet high in fat, low in carb, with moderate protein”.

Around this time, I stumbled upon the social media movement of 100 Happy Days.  The idea was to publicly share something that made you happy for 100 days in a row, then reflect on the changes you’ve experienced.  Now, because I was challenging myself to 40 some days of low carb, I figured what the hell, lets make it 100 Keto Days… and thus, #100KetoDays was born.

I learned a lot during my time completing the #100KetoDays challenge, and a good deal of that is posted back in the archives of this blog.

So how much weight did you lose in your 100 days?

Well, the first 50 days, I lost 25 pounds, the next 50 I lost 11 — making that 36 pounds total.  Again, all of this is documented through the blog posts.




So what happened after those 100 days?

I continued to lose weight, down 50 pounds at one point.  Then, you know, life happens.  I planned a wedding, took some classes, got married, honeymooned, relaxed, and mostly got distracted from my goals. I ended up putting on exactly what I lost over the next year and a half , eating, drinking and doing whatever I wanted.

So whats happening now? 

This year, for my birthday I have created a bucket list of sorts.  Things I want to accomplish before I turn a year older.  Getting to my goal weight is one of those things. On February 24th, 2017, I began another challenge of #100KetoDays.  Since that day I have been religiously posting my daily post, as well as continually interacting with the totally supportive instagram community.


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