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HI Guys!! Many of you saw I’m starting my own version of Keto Whole 30.  The idea of keto whole 30 has been floating around Instagram for quite a while.   Keto whole 30 is all about cleaning up your diet, getting rid of the keto junk and resetting your brain to function better!

Why are you doing this?

I decided to do keto whole 30 to clean up my diet.  I’m a highly goal and date driven— so setting a goal of losing Continue Reading →

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HKD Top 5 Amazon Prime Day Items!

So I haven’t been posting much around here.  I’ve just been loving all the vibes I’ve been getting over on my Instagram account.  But with Amazon Prime Day here, I thought I would take a second and write about 100 Keto Days Top 5 favorite items that you can snatch up for SUPER cheap today!  All of the images below have a direct link right to purchase the deal for yourself!  These deals are only for a limited time, so snatch them up while they’re still around!! Continue Reading →

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Day 14: Weekly Weigh in!


Today’s weekly weigh in was, to be honest a shock for me.  This week was shark week— I held steady losing and gaining the same .8 pounds for 5 days.  I had some pretty bad electrolyte issues on Wednesday, which I was sure was going to mess up my weight loss for the week.  I continued the path and sorted out my electrolytes and this is the number for the week! Hip hip Horray!!!