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Wednesday Weigh in and Reflection

Weigh in: +.2

Total Weight Lost: 11.6

Lowest Total Weight Lost: 50

Well I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t expect to not lose much if any this week. ¬†In fact +.2 was actually relieving to me. ¬†We traveled this weekend which isn’t an excuse but for us weak willed individuals the first few days of Keto, this was the perfect storm.

I ate crap. For 2 days straight. ¬†Ittttt was awful. ¬†I felt like crap, I looked like crap. ¬†My water dropped. ¬†It wasn’t pretty and I’m not proud.

But I’m human.


Next weeks goals:

  1. Strict Keto 7 Days
  2. Buy NOTHING from the Cafe.
  3. 4 Nalgenes of water a day (128 oz)
  4. 3 pounds down.

I’m not trying to kill myself here. ¬†I know that strict keto the first week is the hardest. ¬†It’s literally the first words that come out of my mouth when someone says they want to try keto, “The first week is literally the hardest thing ever, but after that you’re golden!”. ¬† I know its hard. ¬†So I’m not pushing myself to get any workouts in if I’m not feeling it. ¬†I’m not¬†really restricting my calories (nothing TOO crazy).

My goals are clear here. ¬†Strict keto 7 days. ¬†For me that just means under 20 TOTAL carbs. ¬†When I’m getting back into keto, nothing else matters to me– not protein or fat. ¬†Get the carbs down– get me into Ketosis and the rest I’ll adjust later.

Probably the biggest thing I struggle with is eating at work. ¬†We have a cafe within feet of my desk that is continually stocked with junk food and is literally open 24/7. ¬† This goal is to buy no food item from the Cafe. ¬†I do buy drinks there as soon as I get in, but I’ll be limiting that as well.

Drinking 128 oz of water is a necessity for me. ¬†My skin is awful and I’ve been feeling crappy over all. ¬†Drinking water is critical to this first week.

Finally, the 3 pounds is a high goal for the week, but with water weight, I feel like this is obtainable!


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100 Keto Days Introduction

11235811_10204186629613446_762515150464918704_nHello Blogging world! I’m Alexis and this is my new and improved blog. ¬†Some of you are likely reading this after being directed here from my tumblr, or my Instagram. If so, thanks for making the jump and continuing to read my journey over here! ¬†I love the simplicity of posting to tumbler, especially via instagram (100KetoDays), but I think its time for some change.

Whats the deal with 100 Keto days?!

100 Keto days days originated in March of 2014. ¬†At that time I was looking to lose weight for my wedding and desperate to try something new. ¬†I had stumbled across a social media movement focusing on creating 100 Happy Days in your life. ¬†Do something for 100 days, post about it and see what happens after 100 days. ¬† I decided from that day forward I’d be doing 100 days of the Ketogenic Diet to see what would happen in the 100 days. ¬†100 Days later, I was down 36 pounds and 100% happier with my life.

Lets flash forward to today, Nearly a year and a half later…

Well, I’m going to be honest here. ¬†The struggle is real and I haven’t been as consistent as I should be. ¬†A LOT has happened since the first round of 100 days ended. ¬†I’ve taken graduate classes. I planned a wedding. ¬†I got married.

At my lowest weight in August of 2014, I had lost 50 pounds.  I was so motivated and psyched to be doing well with Keto and NOTHING could stop me.

Until life got in the way.

I gained about 20 or so of those pounds back and I’ve been really struggling to stay focused.

So Whats next?

I thought revamping my blog and creating a version that would require me to post and reflect upon my choices for the week would be an improved way for me to document the ketogenic diet and its effects on my life.

I’m hoping that this blog acts as a multi-tool of sorts. ¬†A Diary, cookbook, motivator, and supporter for myself and others!

So Welcome! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for some Fatty posts!