Frequently Asked Questions:

I decided to add a frequently asked questions section to my blog as I’ve been answering the same questions over and over.  I will be modifying this as I go!


Q: How tall are you?

A: 5’8


Q: How much do you weigh?

A: Too personal.


Q: Whats your goal weight?

A: Undetermined at this point.  I haven’t seen myself much thinner than I am currently, so I’ll be taking a “Play it by ear” kind of approach.



Q: How many Carbs do you eat a day?

A: 20 grams of total carbs or less a day.


Q: How many calories do you eat a day?

A: Around 1350 a day.


Q: What’s Lazy Keto?

A: Its when you only really track the carbs you’re eating.  You’re not worried really about meeting a caloric goal, or tracking macros.


Q: How do you suggest someone start a ketogenic diet?

A: Eat whole foods.  Stick with meats, cheeses, and low carb non-starchy vegetables.  When you first start, I suggest you do lazy keto until you fully understand what is a keto friendly food and what is not.  Read labels on everything for the first few months.  Look foods up!  Stay away from high carb and sugary foods like: Fruits, Milk, Sauces, potatoes, bread, wheat, sugar, etc.


Q: How do you stay clear of sugar?

A: I don’t fully stay clear of sugar. I do eat sugar so long as it is under my 20 grams net carbs per day. I do avoid high carb/sugary vegetables.


Q: How do you figure out your macros?

A: Go here and fill this out.  It will show your exact macros.


Q: What’s you’re go to snacks:

A:I post all my food to my Instagram Account: 100KetoDays, so go check that out. I would recommend: Cheese sticks, almonds, macadamia nuts, ham and cheese rolls, pork rinds, etc.


Q: Do you have a MyFitnessPal?

A: Yes, 100ketodays


Q: Do you have a pinterest?

A: Yes, 100ketodays


Q: Whats your favorite Keto food?

A: I have a lot of them, but probably wings with salt and vinegar rub, chicken thigh with hot sauce and cream cheese,  and peanut butter mousse!


Q: Do you work out?

A: Yes 5-6 Days a week I either Run or Walk.  I have recently added Bikini Body Guide workouts to my 2018 goals.


Q: Do you increase your carbs for exercise?

A: no.


Q: Do you eat back your burned calories for the day?

A: No.

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